Electronic Music Denmark (EMD)

EMD is a member-based, industry-oriented association for electronic music players. The association’s primary purpose is to professionalize the electronic music industry in Denmark through networks, knowledge sharing and influence.

Time Perspective Network – Denmark

A non-profit making organization whose overall aim is to explore the concept of time and their main objectives are to conduct relevant research; share information; organize conferences, workshops, festivals, summer / winter schools, etc., educate and encourage newcomers…

We Are Nørrebro

‘WeAreNorrebro’ is a virtuel community and artistic creators of audiovisual and photographic content that was born with the idea of projecting the lifestyle of the neighborhood. I have been actively working on Instagram platform, exposing not only Nørrebro’s beauty, but also its social dynamics, it’s entrepreneurship community and its cultural expressions. 


Rumkraft is teaching in electronic music – at an eye level. It should be fun and easy to go to. The mantra is ‘learning by doing’ and you can learn to use your computer as an instrument for composing and practicing music, DJing or programming – whether you play with yourself or with others. The technology lets you push to the limits of sound, music and performance, which is something we love to challenge at Rumkraft.


RÂR is a Børnholm-based company that produces local, organic and sustainable delicacies, primarily of sown raw materials.

Danielle Shönfeld Coaching

Coaching for change-makers or people that want to change something in their working life or community.

Studio Evoro

Their goal is to create projects using psychology, sociology, and art. They want to build space which creates conditions for a creative community. A community for exhibitions, events, and research.

Comunidad Cultural NEKOe

Their purpose is to develop in a sustainable way a network of management and cultural artistic production that implements mixed circuits where their artists are promoted and linked with the medium and public, also generating associative strategies for artistic training and professionalization.


Strøm is the leading purveyor of electronic music in Denmark – a music organization working to improve and develop electronic music in Denmark through events, festival, knowledge sharing and politics.

Performance Køkkenet

This organization has three principal aims: creation, development, and strengthening of the link between performance art, society and other disciplines of art.