Beat Pong Klubben


Beat Pong Klubben is an initiative by Wildbro where the beat of the music and the game around the table tennis come together in a whole new concept, a healthy excuse to interact with others, in a sporty and artistic way.

Beat Pong is the mix of the classic game “around the table” and Drum&Bass. We gather around the table (up to 7 people per side = 14 people per round). The game will begin at a quiet pace while the participants move around the table hitting the ball once and moving to the left leaving the next participant to hit the ball. The game is accompanied by Drum&Bass from a Guest DJ, which also helps to define the game’s rhythm, tempo and intensity.

Our main objective is to create a space for music that we are used to listening to at parties, illuminate the underground  and blend it, so the line between game/sport and partying cannot be defined

We are inviting you to a multi level experience, conversation sport and listening to intense sounds. Can only make you feel happy.

Instructions of the Game:

1. Find a paddle/ bat

2. Form a circle around the table with a group of players.

3. Whoever is in the traditional server position serves the first ball to the person directly across from them, and then moves out of the way, to the right.

4. The person to the server’s left takes their place and the rest of the circle moves accordingly, counterclockwise.

5. Meanwhile ,the person who was served to returns the ball and then moves out of the way, to the right.

6. The rest of the table moves accordingly, counterclockwise.

7. If someone messes up (hitting the ball into the net, off the table, or any other fault not acceptable in the game) they are out, and must leave the table.

8. When only two players are left, they play a short traditional game. First to make 3 points wins.

9. When the game is over, the finalists tap the paddles/bats on the table signaling a new round of play is about to begin.

10. During the game the music will also intensify in bpms and the rhythm of the game will intensify until the last two players have finished. We will play new music path with every round.

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